Hey Hon ! I love your blog <3but just wanted to ask is there really a video of Curiosity ? Bcs i cant find it ! Help me ? Xx


^you can watch it there & thanks <3 but follow the new jepsiescuriosity.tumblr.com xo

Same name and all. I’ll keep all my old edits on this account. 

Hi Jepsies/Followers! I made a new account.

New tumblr account. So i could folllow my followers/jepsiesfamily back! It’s the same name. I just put old on this blog cause this will keep all my old edits and gifs…. I’m not going to delete it, too much work went in this blog to delete everything. Anyway,  http://jepsiescuriosity.tumblr.com/ that’s my new account follow it, I’m following back now. xo  


Carly goes arm resell +

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Carly Rae Jepsen - Melt With You

Melt With You


 Backstage: Perfect Harmony-Coca Cola

Backstage: Perfect Harmony-Coca Cola